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Dan Navarro to Bring Back His Music to Calexico

October 11, 2019

     Dan Navarro’s talent for music began in Calexico as he proudly grew up in a small city and was able to make a career in the music industry.


     Navarro is viewed as one of the many success stories that have come out of Calexico as he most notably penned “We Belong” for rock singer Pat Benatar, a song that has become a classic.


     His passion for music led him to a successful career and Navarro will return to Calexico on Oct. 18 to play for the second time ever before the community he grew up with. Hence, the title of his concert, “Volver, Volver” (Return, Return). It will take place at the Carmen Durazo Cultural Arts Center at 421 Heffernan Ave. The event starts at 7 p.m.


     Navarro is a graduate of the Calexico High School Class of 1969. He is returning to support the Calexico Arts Council as it raises money for upcoming programs and also to celebrate his 50th High School reunion.


     “Dan shows a sense of appreciation to the community that watched him grow and (he) honors the people who provided opportunities for him to develop into the creative man he is today,” said Betty Nunez, Arts Council board member.


     Nunez said that by having Navarro give his time and talent in Calexico he is promoting dreams and endless possibilities in the arts for a new generation. Proceeds for the event will help create art projects and events for the community.


     “We are here to promote the arts and provide a place for our Calexico to innovate, create, showcase and explore artistic opportunities. This is a great venue to celebrate his success and with his music and flair I am sure we will bring people together,” Nunez said.


     Navarro’s previous concert in Calexico was in 2017 and it was his homecoming after being away from Calexico for many years. It was an emotional time for him as he reconnected with friends after so many years.


     “We learn about things we thought were important here and we have a different point of view from the rest of the world since we are border town. We have stories to tell here,” Navarro told the Calexico Chronicle in 2017. “I want the local people to tell the stories, whether it’s painting, photography, a movie or a song or anything. You can do it. That’s why I contribute out here and hopefully it won’t be the last time.”


     Navarro’s career began as a songwriter, most often with Eric Lowen, and Benatar’s “We Belong” was hit during the 1980s.


     His songs have appeared in the films Deadpool 2, Pitch Perfect 2 and Talladega Nights, TV series This Is Us, American Idol, The Voice, American Dad, and The Office, and national commercials for Pepsi-Cola, Sheraton, Chase Bank and the United Way.


     His acoustic duo, Lowen & Navarro, released 12 albums, enjoyed widespread radio airplay and logged 1500 performances before Eric Lowen’s retirement in 2008 and passing from ALS in 2012. Navarro set out solo in 2007 and tours constantly. His new album, “Shed My Skin”, was released last year in the U.S. and in early 2019 in Europe to glowing reviews.

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