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Local Producer Releases Latest Film

November 29, 2018

     It took two seemingly long years for Roy Dorantes to finish his latest movie but it all paid off when the film premiered Nov. 18 to an enthusiastic crowd at the San Diego State University, Imperial Valley Campus’ Rodney Auditorium.


     “Requiem for a Psychopath” was mostly filmed in El Centro during weekends—Dorantes has a day job as a television reporter—and required a crew of 200, including cast, volunteers and the production crew. Strikingly, it was completed with no money, only with the commitment of doing a great film with local talent.


     “It was two years of hard work and passion. It’s not Hollywood but it’s the Imperial Valley,” Dorantes said.


     The movie is a crime-awareness film with the focus on psychopaths and some of their most prominent behaviors. It takes the viewer into the several different stories connecting with the main plot relating to psychopaths. Dorantes, a reporter for KSWT News 13, has produced several other theater and movie projects that include two other films, “Killing Chavez” released in 2015 and “Respect Due” from 2012.


     One of the main actors of Requiem is Barry Ries from Brawley who played a bail bond enforcer. Reis said he is proud to be part of the local art scene.


     “I was happy to participate and got involved in this movie through word-of-mouth,” Ries said.


     Calexico resident Magdalena Sanchez explained she was also invited to act in the film  thanks to a mutual friend of hers and Dorantes.


     “It was a new experience for me and it was very exciting to be part of this,” Sanchez said.


     Dorantes said he is working with an organization called “El Amigo De La Comunidad” led by Erik Reyes that will help raise funds for future local movie projects and help them have better production.


     “We want to take this movie on tour, get more financing. We want to get local people and promote their talent through local movie productions such as this one,” Dorantes said.


     Don Scoville was Dorantes right-hand person during the movie production and said one of the major improvements of this film compared to Dorantes’ previous one is the sound.


     “I had no idea how movies were made. Now when I see a movie I see all the work and preparation that goes in there so that the actor looks good,” Scoville said.

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