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IVC Art Gallery Show Impresses Novice Aficionados

October 19, 2018

     Viewers lingered in front of each of the many pieces of art displayed at the Imperial Valley College’s art gallery on Oct. 4 during the debut of a display christened“Breaking New Ground Together: A Community Show.”


     The display began on Oct. 4, marking the second gallery showing of the semester.


     The event was held at the Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery due to the efforts of gallery director and IVC professor Carol Hegarty and students. It was the gallery’s second showing of the new semester.


     “Artists around the country were encouraged to submit their art for this show, as submissions are open to everyone, not only students,” Hegarty said at the event.


     “It’s the student’s display,” she added. “They directed most of what people see here at the show. They tell me what mood they want to convey and how to do it. They even decide how to hang the art, and I comply. They did a good job.”


     The various lights illuminating the art provided quite the rise in temperature. This didn’t deter visitors intensely appreciating every last detail of the art hung on the wall.


     “It’s pretty interesting the way different people have different styles. acrylic, ink, and even different canvases are used. I’ve never seen stuff like this but I think it’s pretty cool,” said Jorge Hidalgo, a U.S. Army member attending.


     His wife, IVC student Amanda Hidalgo, added “It’s really different from what I expected. I’ve never been to an art gallery before. It’s really neat and organized. You can really appreciate the different personalities of the artists.”


     Visitors congregated, enjoyed food, music, and the serene atmosphere as they conversed about the gallery and the art on display. The event stood out as emphasizing very lighthearted, even comedic, subject matters.


     “I think the experience as a whole is very positive, lively, and overall makes one feel good. I think that’s something we need in this age,” said Hegarty.


     Many in attendance were students attending simply for the experience or to show support for community artists, many of whom they know.


     “It’s really nice. There’s clearly a lot of talented artists in the community, and I’m glad they get to showcase their work,” said IVC student Alex Vargas. “It’s my first time coming to a gallery like this. I came to see one of my friend’s works that got displayed, named “Ridley’s Return” by Ian Sanchez.”


     The gallery is offering engraved bricks to the community at a cost of $95-$295 depending on the size of the brick. Funds raised from this endeavor go directly towards awards presented to the best local artists. Those interested in donating may contact Hegarty at (760) 355-6198.

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