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Mains Elementary School Ready to Keep High Attendance Rates this Year

September 1, 2018

Mains Elementary School is ready for a new academic year and looks forward to serving its students and parents in the best way possible.


For more than forty years Mains Elementary has been a staple of the west side of Calexico. Named after Allen and Helen Mains, the school has welcomed students from the west side of the city where its residents are very close to each other and have fond memories of the school. Now that August has arrived, Mains is ready to welcome students and parents to the new school year.


Students and Parents rush to get children to class on first day of school at Mains Elementary.

Photo Courtesy of Mains Elementary 


Bertha Noriega has been the principal at Mains Elementary for the last three years and knows that working as team with teachers and staff is the only way to achieve success. One of her goals for the upcoming year is to maintain a high attendance rate, which was something Mains achieved last year, scoring 96 percent student attendance. Noriega said that if a student misses class during the school week they are encouraged to come in on Saturday to make up for the day. At the monthly assemblies, students who arrived on time to class are recognized and invited to a school activity outside of class. For those that missed school, they stay with the teacher to make up for the work they missed during their absence.


“We had very good success this last year,” Noriega said. “We had around eighty students coming every time we had a Saturday school, and we also do a lot of incentives such as school competitions.”


Noriega mentioned some programs to keep student active and enthusiastic about school. The third grade class as a program called “Modern Learners” where students pick a topic, do their research and create a model. This allows the students to interact with each other and have a more hands on approach while at school. The program is coordinated by CUSD Director of Instructional Technology Lucio Padilla, and the schools currently participating in this program are Mains, Jefferson, Kennedy Gardens and Dool.


“It motivates the students to come to school because they are doing a project and is not the traditional way of having the teacher just lecture,” Noriega said.


Children at Mains Elementary pose for picture on first day of school.

Photo courtesy of Mains Elementary 


Mains offer ASES programs for students from first grade to sixth grade to help them with the homework. In addition, Mains ASES has programs such as cooking, cheerleading, academics and computer programs.


“I’m really excited about the upcoming year, the teachers are very excited since they have a new curriculum and strategies that they will be implementing in the classroom,” Noriega said. “We want students to come every day and on time and we want them to feel same and happy.”

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